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Directors Statement

I first met Wayne in the Spring of 2001. He and I were doing work for the same company and while I like to say we immediately bonded, I have to admit that the friendship was one sided -the one side being mine -and involved my desperate attempt to stay friends with him and continually tell the world about his career. I think my experience with Wayne is similar to that of most people who come in contact with him: we’re amazed that more people haven’t heard the story of how he came to become an artist, and we’re touched by how kind, humorous and interesting he is as a person.

To me, Wayne’s story was always the perfect backdrop for a documentary. Here was this southern gentleman/hillbilly living in an amazing house in the top of the Hollywood Hills painting gorgeous images. Not only that, but he has also created some of the most iconic images of my childhood. I’ve been honored to know him and document his life.

The world has to know about Wayne, and we’re doing anything we have to do to make sure that happens. The reaction I get when I talk about his achievements consistently includes wide-eyed, gaping-mouthed amazement by people who have never heard of him by name. We’re going to change all that, and we’re going to do so with a visually stimulating homage to Wayne and all that he has created. The documentary is going to be a funny, touching, whimsical, light-hearted romp through Hollywood, the South and a fantasyland called Wayne’s mind.