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Beauty Is Embarrassing Press Notes
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Leonard Maltin says Beauty is Embarrassing is "one of the most pleasurable moviegoing experiences I’ve had this year"10/05/2012
Huffington Post and Leonard Maltin list Beauty is Embarrassing as one of "the best indie films to see this month"10/05/2012
SF CHRONICLE says Beauty is Embarrassing is "hard to resist"09/13/2012
Berkeleyside says Beauty is Embarrassing is "an entertaining and surprisingly uplifting documentary"09/11/2012
Spectrum Culture reviews Beauty is Embarrassing09/10/2012
THE SUN BREAK calls Beauty is Embarrassing "a warm opus with plenty of laughs"09/07/2012
LOS ANGELES MAGAZINE: "This movie ought to be required viewing, not just for Oscar voters but for every aspiring artist wondering how to build a life doing what they love"09/07/2012 write-up of Beauty is Embarrassing09/07/2012
Seattle Weekly review of Beauty is Embarrassing09/07/2012
Cinema Assassin: "One of the best docs of the year"09/07/2012
Flavorpill: "Don’t be surprised if listening to tales of White's iconoclasm and daring make you want to immediately go create something."09/07/2012
Los Angeles Times review of Beauty is Embarrassing09/06/2012
The New York Times says "the creativity grows like kudzu in Beauty Is Embarrassing”09/06/2012
NY Post: "Those with a high tolerance for the ultimate four-letter word, and a love for eccentrics, will be entertained by both White and his art."09/06/2012
Indiewire calls it "a genuinely hilarious film"09/06/2012
Katie Walsh of INDIEWIRE says Beauty is Embarrassing is "a warm, laugh-out-loud charmer of a documentary"09/06/2012
THE L MAGAZINE: Wayne White "is indeed that rare funny artist who deserves to be taken seriously—but not too seriously"09/05/2012
THE VILLAGE VOICE labels Beauty is Embarrassing "a vivid, fluorescent-colored portrait of a sane man possessed with insane creativity"09/05/2012
Time Out New York on Beauty is Embarrassing09/04/2012
SLANT MAGAZINE says "Beauty Is Embarrassing gives you the pleasantly disorienting sense of being introduced to someone you hadn't realized that you already knew"09/04/2012
New School for Design write-up on Beauty is Embarrassing09/04/2012
STAGE AND CINEMA: "If you leave this movie without feeling better than when you went in, you will have to have had a really spectacular day already"09/03/2012
Santa Monica Daily Press Write-Up08/29/2012
POP MATTERS on Wayne: "Once you witness the story of his life, you’ll never forget him, or his art"08/17/2012
FESITVAL OF FILMS says Beauty is Embarrassing "captures the life of Wayne White in all its inspiring awe, and it's a pure joy to behold."08/16/2012
BigFanboy: 'SXSW 2012: Video Interview – Wayne White talks BEAUTY IS EMBARRASSING, comes to Dallas March 31'05/25/2012
TheLipTV Covers Beauty Is Embarrassing in Bring Your Own Doc04/03/2012
The Font Feed Talks Beauty Is Embarrassing in 'SXSW Aftermath: Adventures in Film'03/28/2012
LDWT: Beauty Is Embarrassing on List of 20 SXSW 'Films We Won't Miss'03/26/2012
Slackerwood says Beauty Is Embarrassing is a favorite from SXSW!03/22/2012
Magnet Magazine Mentions Beauty Is Embarrassing in SXSW Report03/20/2012
IndieWire Critics Say Beauty Is Embarrassing was One of the Best Films at SXSW '1203/19/2012
Hollywood Reporter says, 'Neil Berkeley's documentary brings light to an artist who specializes in humor and highbrow art forms.'03/19/2012
Film School Rejects says, 'Beauty is Embarrassing Is a Gorgeous, Impressive, and Entertaining Documentary'03/19/2012
Variety says Beauty Is Embarrassing is a "refreshingly amusing art-doc portrait"03/17/2012
Austin Chronicle SXSW Film Reviews: 'Beauty Is Embarrassing'03/16/2012
Huffington Post: 'Beauty Is Embarrassing Reveals Wayne White's Wackiness'03/16/2012
Austin CultureMap Loves Wayne White03/16/2012
Patheos names Beauty Is Embarrassing as 'The Best Film I Saw At SXSW'03/16/2012
Village Voice Posts Photo of Wayne White and Neil Berkeley at SXSW03/15/2012
Vancouver Observer: 'Beauty is Embarrassing: The irreverent and inspiring story of prolific artist, Wayne White'03/14/2012
TheHDRoom says BIE was "the best documentary I've seen the entire week."03/14/2012
RealTV Films Interviews Neil Berkeley of Beauty Is Embarrassing at SXSW 201203/14/2012
Home made success: Beauty is Embarrassing is the quirky, uplifting story of artist Wayne White, true American hero03/14/2012
CraveOnline Reviews Beauty Is Embarrassing03/14/2012
RealTV Films Interviews Wayne White of Beauty Is Embarrassing at SXSW 201203/14/2012
Glasstire reviews Beauty Is Embarrassing03/14/2012
Ain't It Cool News: 'Quint finds BEAUTY IS EMBARRASSING to be vulgar, hilarious and filled with nostalgia!'03/13/2012
Full Frame Announces 2012 NEW DOCS Lineup03/13/2012
Wired: 'Beauty Is Embarrassing for Subversive Artist Wayne White'03/12/2012
Redux Lists Beauty Is Embarrassing as One of the Two Must-See SXSW Films03/12/2012
Mirror80 Reviews Beauty Is Embarrassing03/12/2012
KEYE TV Interviews Neil Berkeley and Wayne White03/12/2012
MD Photography's SXSW Coverage Includes Beauty Is Embarrassing03/11/2012
Avid Artist Relations Interviews Neil Berkeley03/11/2012
Professor Wagstaff Reviews Beauty Is Embarrassing03/11/2012
The Austin Chronicle's Picture In Picture Featuring Beauty Is Embarrassing03/10/2012
Vancouver Observer is Looking Forward to Seeing BIE03/10/2012
The HDRoom's Coverage of SXSW 2012 Highlights BIE in the Doc Competition03/10/2012
The Documentary Blog: 'Beauty Is Embarrassing Trailer: A Profile of Artist Wayne White'03/10/2012
CriterionCast's Joshua Reviews Beauty Is Embarrassing03/10/2012
Austin Chronicle: 'Domy Books: The Art of Wayne White'03/09/2012
THR highlights BIE in the SXSW Documentary Competition03/08/2012
Variety Mag says, We're a Hot Title at SXSW03/08/2012
Doc Talk: '10 SXSW Documentary Premieres People will Be Talking About'03/07/2012
eFilm Critic: 'Films You Will Want To See (2012 SXSW Edition)'03/07/2012
Thrash Lab's Most Anticipated Films at SXSW 201203/07/2012
Beauty Is Embarrassing on Doc Talk03/06/2012
Public School Spotlights Beauty Is Embarrassing03/05/2012
SXSW: 'Filmmakers in Focus: Neil Berkeley on "Beauty is Embarassing"'03/01/2012
Beauty Is Embarrassing to Screen at Nashville Film Festival02/29/2012
Wayne White on Last Call with Carson Daly02/27/2012